Auto Traders, apart from being the only multi-brand workshop of Faridabad. It comes with fully automated services one can imagine in this city. A complete one stop destination for your car, we will serve you in our body shop with any kind of material and any kind of body part is repairable. We are equipped with air-sealed paint area where you can choose endless variety of colour to paint your car in, and also we give you the flexibility to experiment with our experts to came up with your own custom colour. Highly trained engineers are there to treat the mechanical aspects of any car with ease. Specialities are taking their eye round the clock on every project to complete every project with best in time and efficiency management. We also got in-house spare parts shop so that you could spend time with ease without being left in the situation of shallowness. From the Maruti Suzuki to the Germans, each and every product that comes under this umbrella can be served here in an endless way, either you have Maruti or Hyundai or Audi there is only one stop for every car. Be hassle free from sending each pioneer to their respective crib. We treat your car as it is ours. Timely changes were made to enhance the customer satisfaction and making the quality on the top on our priority list. Customer lounge is settled up with all the creature comfort you need to spend the time while your beast is getting ready to fight again.